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Hey there! At Concrete Contractors Sacramento, we're all about turning regular outdoor spaces into amazing spots for family, hanging out, and enjoying nature. We're excellent at what we do, offering top-notch affordable concrete patio services like installation, add-ons, extensions, repairs, and making things look brand new. Get in touch- you will never be disappointed.

sacramento Concrete Contractors ... 25 years of experience in the concrete industry.

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Sacramento Concrete Patio Installation

Make your outdoor hangout way cooler with our concrete patio installation service! Our awesome team at Concrete Contractors Sacramento knows how to plan and make the perfect patio that turns your backyard into an awesome spot.

How to concrete patio slab?

If you're looking to make a concrete patio slab in Sacramento, CA, We’ll prepare the area by making it level and smooth. Then, we’ll pour the concrete creating any design you desire.

Patio Stamped and Decorative Concrete

We offer a range of stamped and decorative concrete options that can transform your outdoor living spaces. Our team can create unique designs and patterns that complement your existing landscaping including concrete patio. We deliver outstanding Sacramento stamped concrete services.
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Concrete patio resurfacing & restoration

If your concrete surfaces have cracks, chips, or other forms of damage, we provide professional repair and restoration services. Our team can assess the extent of the damage and recommend the most cost-effective solution.

Concrete cutting and demolition

We use advanced cutting and demolition equipment to safely and efficiently cut or remove concrete structures. Our team has the expertise to handle projects of all sizes and complexities.

Concrete removal and hauling

We provide concrete removal and hauling services for residential and commercial properties. Our team will carefully dismantle and dispose of the concrete in an environmentally friendly manner, leaving your property clean and debris-free.

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2+ Decades of Experience

Concrete Contractors Sacramento has been in the concrete industry for over 25 years, and during this time, we have honed our skills and gained a reputation for delivering high-quality concrete solutions for various projects. We specialize in providing reliable and long-lasting concrete services that cater to the unique needs of our customers.

Our services cover a wide range of projects, including residential and commercial buildings, bridges, walkways, patios, and more. We use the latest equipment and techniques to ensure that our concrete solutions meet the highest standards of quality, durability, and safety. Our team of professionals comprises experienced engineers, designers, and contractors who work together to deliver exceptional results.

Concrete patio Sacramento provide versatile and durable outdoor living spaces. Local contractors offer tailored solutions, allowing homeowners to customize designs and finishes. Known for resilience, concrete patios enhance property value and create functional areas for entertainment and relaxation, suited to the unique climate conditions.

For a professionally installed concrete patio in Sacramento, explore local businesses through online searches, directories, and recommendations. Skilled contractors provide tailored solutions, enhancing outdoor spaces with durable and aesthetically pleasing designs. Find reliable professionals such as us for your project to enjoy a functional and visually appealing concrete patio in the Sacramento area.Contact us today!

Extending a patio in Sacramento requires thoughtful planning. Here are three important considerations:

  1. Permitting and Regulations:

Check local building codes and regulations in Sacramento. Determine whether you need a permit for the patio extension. Adhering to zoning and construction regulations ensures compliance and avoids potential issues.


2. Climate Considerations:

Sacramento has a Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers. Choose materials and designs that can withstand high temperatures. Consider adding shade elements like pergolas or umbrellas to enhance comfort during warmer months.


3.  Material Selection:

Select patio materials suitable for the local climate. Sacramento’s warm weather may make materials like concrete, pavers, or natural stone appealing. Choose materials based on durability, aesthetics, and how well they complement the existing patio.


Always consult with local authorities, and if needed, hire professionals for design and construction to ensure a successful and compliant patio extension in Sacramento.


Make your outdoor living space bigger and more appealing with a concrete patio extension!


* Benefit: Create an inviting and functional outdoor area perfect for entertaining or relaxation.

* What’s in it for you: Enjoy the versatility and durability of a well-designed concrete patio extension.

* Why you need this service: Add value to your property while enhancing your lifestyle with a spacious and visually appealing outdoor space.

concrete contractors in sacramento ... 25 years of experience in the concrete industry.

Experienced Concrete Contractors

CONCRETE Patio Frequently Asked questions

With years of expertise, we are in a position to offer all sorts of concrete related work that you are looking forward to receiving. This will help you to stick to us and get all your concrete work done!

Sealing a concrete patio is essential for protection and longevity. Here’s a guide on how to seal a concrete patio:

    • Clean the Surface:

    Sweep or pressure wash the patio to remove dirt, debris, and stains.

    Use a mild detergent if necessary and scrub stubborn stains.

    • Repair Cracks:

    Patch any cracks or holes in the concrete with a suitable concrete patching compound.

    • Etch the Surface (if needed):

    If the concrete is smooth or sealed previously, etch the surface with an etching solution to improve adhesion.

    • Choose the Right Sealer:

    Select a high-quality concrete sealer suitable for the Sacramento climate. Options include acrylic, epoxy, or penetrating sealers.

    • Apply the Sealer:

    Use a roller, brush, or sprayer to apply the sealer evenly.

    Start from one corner and work your way out to avoid trapping yourself.

    • Follow Instructions:

    Follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding drying time and reapplication if necessary.

    Apply a second coat if recommended for added protection.

    • Allow Drying:

    Allow the sealer to dry completely before allowing foot traffic or placing furniture on the patio.

Sealing your concrete patio protects it from weathering, stains, and enhances its overall appearance. Always follow the specific product instructions for the sealer you choose.

Pouring a concrete patio involves several steps. Here’s a general guide to help you with the process. Keep in mind that local building codes and regulations may vary, so it’s essential to check with your local authorities and obtain any necessary permits before starting the project.

Quick Guide to Pouring a Concrete Patio:

  • Prepare:

Plan and mark the patio area.

Check local regulations and get necessary permits.

  • Excavate:

Dig the area to the desired depth (consider thickness of concrete + 2-4 inches for gravel).

  • Build Forms:

Create wooden forms and secure them with stakes.

  • Add Gravel:

Lay gravel for a stable base.

  • Reinforce:

Use rebar or wire mesh if needed.

  • Mix and Pour:

Mix concrete according to instructions.

Pour evenly into forms.

Level and Smooth:

Level the surface with a screed.

Smooth with a bull float.

  • Edging:

Use an edging tool for defined edges.

  • Finish:

Trowel for a smooth finish or use a broom for a non-slip surface.

  • Curing:

Let it cure for 24-48 hours.

Keep the concrete moist during curing.

  • Sealing (Optional):

Consider applying a concrete sealer.

Adapt as needed, and ensure safety precautions and local guidelines are followed.Contact US today to concrete your patio!

To repair concrete patio cracks, clean the area thoroughly, removing debris. Use a concrete repair mix or filler to fill the cracks, smoothing the surface with a trowel. Allow it to cure as per product instructions. This simple process restores the patio’s appearance and prevents further damage, ensuring a durable and appealing surface.


Concrete patios are generally more cost-effective than paver installations. While individual prices vary, concrete is often less expensive per square foot due to lower material costs and simpler installation. 


However, factors like design intricacy and maintenance can influence overall expenses, making it essential to consider specific project requirements.

Concrete patio costs depend on factors like size, design, and labor. Generally, they’re moderately priced compared to other materials. Factors such as decorative finishes or intricate designs may increase costs. To get accurate estimates, consult local contractors, considering specific project details for a more precise budget assessment. For consultation, contact us today!

Concrete patios offer various finishes to enhance aesthetics and functionality. Common options include broom finish for slip resistance, exposed aggregate for texture and visual appeal, stamped concrete replicating stone or tile patterns, and stained concrete for color variation. Each finish adds a unique touch, catering to diverse preferences and styles.

Concrete patios are an excellent choice due to their durability in the region’s climate. Resistant to heat and humidity, concrete withstands weather challenges. Combined with various finish options, concrete patios become a reliable, low-maintenance solution for outdoor spaces offering both functionality and aesthetic appeal

 Concrete patios typically require a stable foundation or footing to ensure structural integrity. The depth and type of footing depend on factors like soil conditions and the patio’s size. Proper footings provide stability, prevent settling, and contribute to the longevity of the concrete patio, especially in areas with varying soil characteristics.

Concrete patios may crack due to the region’s variable climate, including heat and humidity. Rapid weather changes, soil conditions, and insufficient drainage can contribute. Proper construction practices, quality materials, and adequate curing help mitigate cracking, ensuring the longevity of concrete patiosspecific environmental conditions.

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"I recently used Concrete Contractors Sacramento for a project in my backyard and I couldn't be happier with the results. The team was professional, prompt, and courteous throughout the entire process. They took the time to answer all my questions and make sure I was satisfied with the final product. The quality of the work exceeded my expectations, and I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of concrete services."

Toby Owen

"I had a great experience with Concrete Contractors Sacramento. The team was knowledgeable and provided excellent recommendations for my project. They were able to work within my budget and still deliver high-quality results. The project was completed on time and the team made sure to clean up after themselves. I would definitely use them again in the future."

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"I had a complicated project that required a lot of customization, but Concrete Contractors Sacramento was up to the task. They worked with me to come up with a design that met my specific needs and provided a detailed quote that was within my budget. Throughout the project, the team was communicative and transparent, which gave me confidence in their abilities. The final product was exactly what I had envisioned, and I would highly recommend their services."

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